"Gallicanae Cosmetics" LTD  is a manufacturer of natural cosmetic products. The head office of the company is in the city of Karlovo, located in an exceptionally picturesque area which is part of the Rose Valley. The company offers ranges of cosmetic products based on the Bulgarian essential rose and grape seed oil. The products contain natural ingredients and meet international requirements for eco friendly products.
          "Gallicanae Cosmetics" LTD develops a wide range of natural products based on rose oil, rose water, olive oil, grape seeds, herbs, bee products and others. 
The aim of the company is to offer unique products in order to establish long-term relationship with its customers.

According to Greek mythology the rose has emerged from a drop of blood which fell from Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. For centuries, the enchanting fragrance of this flower and its wonderful properties are of interest to a number of cosmetic companies. Gallicanae LTD presents a collection of care products for face and body, made and decorated by hand, and containing natural essential oil of rose with exceptionally positive harmonizing effect on the skin and the senses.


Our cosmetic product line is developed using rose oil, rose water and grape seed oil. The products are subject to continuous improvement with essential oils of linden blossom and jasmine which will be in the composition of the next cosmetic products.

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City of Karlovo, Karlovo Municipality Plovdiv Region

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City of Stara Zagora, Stara Zagora Region, 12 Konstantin Irechek Str.